change is coming

I havent blogged in a while.  There has been a reason behind it, I promise.  Mainly, I’ve been playing around with posterous. I really like the capabilities of it and how much easier it is to post with their iPhone app.  So a change is coming (I know, you’re probably thinking, didn’t we just do this – but if you want to follow me and pick my brain, then you will make this quick and easy change) – now my site is


Black Friday Warning

The high today is 72. Tomorrow it is 70.  Friday, it will reach  a balmy 50 degrees!  Break out your tank tops, bermuda shorts, Umbros, and surfer gear… for a day only. 

This is only a post to remind you to dress warmly when you go out crazy early to shop on Friday morning.  If you aren’t planning on getting up super early, then you should.  The Iron Bowl starts at 1:30 CST and  you dont want to miss that.  I would suggest leaving for Black Friday deals at 2:00 pm on Thanksgiving day. And please dress warm – it’s hard to shop and cheer for your favorite college football team when your fingers have fallen off from frostbite.  And finally, dont forget your wallet and cell phone, lest you blow out a tire.

Taco Bell in the Shell

Several months ago,  I sent an email to Taco Bell to ask if they would please bring the chaco taco back into their restaurant rotation.  I even tried to garner help from everyone here too. I never heard anything back. They did not reply. Maybe my email got lost in the shuffle. Maybe it was filtered out. Maybe they only take emails from more important people than myself.  No matter, I got nothing from them.

However, Taco Bell, I dont need you anymore.  If I ever want a chaco taco, I will just go get one at the Shell by the church.  So there.  I guess I wont be needing you anymore… except for great fast food at low prices

maybe the right balance

There’s a lot of programming to be done.  It seems like everywhere one turns, something else needs to be booked, planned, covered, and implemented.  One more event, one more idealistic scavenger hunt, one more thought provoking lesson and all will be well. If too much is scheduled, you may be labeled a “fun”damentalist (feel free to make fun of that word or me for using it now).  If too little is done, the dreaded “lazy” tag may find you.  Neither one is a label I want to be tagged in one of my profile pics. So where’s the balance?

Somewhere in between the land of Christian hipsters and 1990’s youth ministry lies the answer. Our schedules are not completely filled to the brim, but aren’t empty either. Whatever is done is done with excellence.  Events are priorities and not just stuff to do.  Hanging out with others becomes more purposeful.  More meaningful.  Relationships are built in real life and when a big event rolls around, there’s a lot of excitement and involvement because the prayer, time, and effort that is included is evident.  What is taught at church actually is put into practice outside of the walls.  We love God and love others more than ever before.

Youth Ministry Videos: Part 4

Ok, this one is less about youth ministry and more just a shout out to my good friend, kyle evans. He’s pretty creative. I’ve actually tried to rip this off, but it didn’t turn out so well. Anyway,here’s a great promo video for your community groups/small groups, etc.  Enjoy

Youth Ministry Videos: Part 4

Wow, I don’t think I have any words. Oh wait, yes I do.  This guy is hilarious! It’s ridiculous. I’m thankful I don’t know anyone like Ignatious.  I do love the older youth worker who steps up!  Enjoy

Does this line up?

I am taking an online training course from So far, I’ve enjoyed the weekly reading. I am excited about the phone sessions that will come with it.  I ran across a quote this morning in my reading that I thought I would share.

A study which surveyed youth pastors in Illinois found that almost all of them believe building relationships with students is the best thing they could do to disciple students, and that teens forget most of what they hear during lessons and messages. Yet an average of 80% of their time was spent preparing weekly lessons. Does that line up?
So, does it? Any thoughts?

Developing the leader in me

I am 3 chapters deep into the best John Maxwell book I’ve read thus far – Developing the Leader in You.  I wish I had read this book several years ago. I believe God will use this book to help me become a much, much better leader.

But last night I became a better leader.  I’m not sure why it has taken me over a year. Last night we had our back 2 school bash (yep, there’s not much more “youth ministry-ee than the word “bash” and using the number 2 instead of the word “to” – jealous of my cool language).  I had so much fun hanging out with students – probably more so than I have in a long time.  Maybe I’m letting my guard down more. Maybe They trust me, even if it’s just a little bit.  Whatever the case may be, I feel like last night was great.  Now if only we would have been able to actually swim.

A Question to think about – why is it that when it’s thundering we cant get into the pool, yet we can take canoes out on the lake and steer them with metal paddles? Not complaining, just curious!

oh, and football season is about to start!


I read Romans 3:21-31 this morning.  To be honest, I really was ready for Romans 3:21-31.  I started reading Romans bit by bit to write a devotional for my students, but as I began, God really let me know that it was for me first… that I can write it after I get all I can out of it. Well, the tension was building.  I tried to read it as if I had never seen the words or heard a sermon preached from it before. That makes it interesting. As I searched through the first 2 and 1/2 chapters, my morale was down.  Then 3:21-31 came.  I was excited. I was pumped! All the problems that I was having, all the ways I was trying to make it on my own (thanks lil brudder), now I don’t have too.

It’s really hard to read something as if you’ve never seen it when you have studied it, had seminary classes on it, and heard a ton of sermons on it.  However, I will defy you to read the first 3 chapters of Romans, get to 3:21-31, and not try to find out more.  It is simply beautiful scriptures filled with HOPE.

My advice: read it. Let it soak in.  Let it fill you with hope .

Youth Ministry Videos, Part 3

And this, my friends, is why I tend to shy away from lockins…