Forgotten God – the warmup

I received an email today that made me happy.  As I checked out the tons of junk e-mails I had (and by checked I mean deleted) I saw an email about Francis Chan’s new book, Forgotten God.  It was an email like I have been sent in the past – check this new book out (we send it to you free) and write a review on my blog about it.  So in a week or so, I should be getting Chan’s newest writing.
The book is about the Holy Spirit.  I’ve only read the sample first chapter so far, but I am sure it is going to be an excellent book.  So until I finish the book and write my reivew, here’s a question I will leave you to think about: How much do we take the Holy Spirit for granted?

    • Adam
    • August 6th, 2009

    I know this is random, but go with me.
    1. Old Testament has tons of civil laws meant partly to create a holy and righteous society in Israel
    2. New Testament largely assumes these civil laws are gone for the church.
    3. What has replaced the civil laws?
    4. Jesus says the HS will “convict the world of sin and righteousness.”

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