I think I am way to easily excited from time to time.  I get caught up in the normal, everyday stuff in my office and forget that there’s a world that God wants to change.  There are tons of lives in which God wants to invade and totally mess up!  As I see our church baptize more people who have given the control of their lives over to Jesus, I get so pumped up and it makes me want to celebrate what God is doing in the midst of His people.  However, I must stop and consider something – there are still so many more that need to hear the message of Christ – that need the forgiveness that only he offers.  I can get so caught up in the movement of God within our walls that I lose track of what is happening outside them.  While I do not want to make it seem thta what God is doing to and in those within our church, I want to make sure I stay humble and reconize how much God is looking to do in the lives of those outside of the church.  I want to make sure students are aware that God doesn’t just work in our gym or in our sanctuary, but in the halls of the school, on the practice field, in the parking lots.  I think one of our biggest problems is that we seperate and try to classify some things as spiritual and some things as secular way,way, WAY TOO MUCH! May God help us blend that dividing line once and for all so that all we do, we see as having spiritual significance.  Then, and only then, can we get excited like I believe, we are really supposed to get excited!

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