This morning I woke up and grabbed my devotional guide that I’m doing along with our students at Highland Park.  What I read this morning stuck with me a little more than I thought it would. The Scripture for today was the 3rd chapter of John.  I read how Nicodemus couldn’t wrap his mind around the phrase “born again.” When I hear that term, I immediately think “second chance.”  My mind goes right to the fact that I screw up way more than I should, but God continues to love me and give me more chances to serve him anyway.  I guess God’s forgiveness knows no bounds.

However, I think that there is an idea that has caused this to stick with me so far today.  Not just about God’s forgiveness or what it means to be born again.  But what I’ve thought about is how Nicodemus was so trained to “do” the right thing that he had trouble believing the right thing.  It seemed as though maybe he didn’t get the “you must be born again” from Jesus, not because it was that hard to understand, but because it went against what he had been taught. Maybe it was more about him not believing it than him not understanding it.  Whether or not this is true, one thing we can all agree on – Nicodemus was very short sighted.  His mind was wrapped up in what he had to do to earn God’s forgiveness; Jesus was more caught up in God’s forgiveness. Period.  May I and  whoever else reads this be overwhelmed with God’s forgiveness today.

  1. August 19th, 2009

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