Powerhouse Ignition

At 10:00 am this morning, I began to really get ready for our big event, POWERHOUSE Ignition tonight.  I, along with the help of several able bodied men of our church, pulled the stage out from it’s garage, tore down the stuff on the stage and tried to get it cleared off as much as possible for the band coming in this afternoon.  It’s going to be a busy day of setting  up and  quick planning with visions of logos, t-shirts, backpacks, cd’s, and paper airplanes flying in my brain. (all of that makes sense if you will be here tonight!)

I am so excited about the possiblity that God will change lives tonight. There will be people who will walk into this gym tonight who maybe dont know anything about God’s love and forgiveness.  Tonight they will hear and God will be honored above all else that is done.  But all this prep work got me thinking – what if we didn’t do this? What if, instead of giving away $10,000 for a paper airplane contest, we gave away free cups of water?  What if instead of bringing in Shane Baker to rock the house, we played soft piano music without any lyrics?  What if instead of giving away a ton of free door prizes, we just showed people the love of Christ by serving them in whatever way we could? Then I asked myself a new question – is God more honored in the small things than in the big things, or vice versa?

A thought occurs to me as soon as I type that last question.  The answer is simple and one that I should have seen way before – God is not honored in things. God is honored in the hearts and the lives of the people.  Things are good, but Jesus didn’t die for things.  He did not die so we could have great events, big blowout celebrations, gymnasiums, incredible sound systems, lights that flash, boom, and sparkle.  No Jesus died for people.  So may God be honored tonight not really in what we do – but who we become.

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