Forgotten God – Overview

I finished reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan yesterday, but delayed blogging about it right away. While yesterday was just a rough day after recovering from my first (of what will be many) FIX Quarters, the delay wasn’t due to exhaustion or busyness – but I wanted to soak in the book for a day to try to collect my thoughts. FG in many ways was a great deal like Crazy Love, but in many ways I believe it was more challenging, more hard hitting, more to the core of modern Christianity than much that I’ve read in the past few years. I am still trying to digest all that was written in FG so for my first (well technically my second) post about it, I’m just going to pull our some quotes and write a few things about them for you. Watch for future posts concerning FG and my struggles with it and how it’s challenged me on a deeper level than did Crazy Love

“I also believe that the Spirit is more obviously active in places where people are desperate for Him, humbled before Him and not distracted by their wealth or comforts (like we are)” p. 17 – I read this post and it immediately slapped me in the face.  I moved my mp3 player,  cut the Tivo off, turned off my TV, and put away any other distractions and felt the weight of this statement.  (ok, that was just for effect… I didn’t have my mp3 player with me).  Sometimes you read something that you knew was true, but you choose to ignore it for whatever reason.  You know, maybe you just didn’t like how it made you feel like junk because you’re not living up to it. My life, minister or not, does not show a desperation for the HOly Spirit to act and work in my life. Sadly, I can do ministry without Him and probably do it sort of well.  May I cast off the worry of my comforts and be desperate for Him.  

People are more likely to describe the quality of the music or the appeal of the sermon than the One who is the reason people gather for “church” in the first place p. 31 — Well, if that’s not a slap in the face of my life, I dont know what is! You have pretty much described me well.  Thank God that I am in a church now that focuses more on the Spirit’s moving than the music, but it’s so easy to slip into this way of thinking.  

In Chapter 3, Francis lays a simply but effective theology of the Holy Spirit that rivals my seminary classes. I wish that my class work would have been this good to read! (no offense Mr. Grudem) In doing so, Chan asks “When was the last time you were saddened because your sin pained the Holy Spirit” (72) – Sadly, I cant remember the last time I thought about paining the Holy Spirit. I think about sinning against God – but not about paining Him. Maybe I should more.

Chapter 5 (which was my absolute favorite chapter) really challenged me to take my relationship with the Holy Spirit seriously.  My life is too safe and too loud too much!  The story about the man locked away for his faith and how, upon getting his freedom, longed for the persecution he once endured. I’ve heard similar stories before, but this one really stuck with me. If today, I was hit with persecution, how would I respond? How would I act.  May God help me to quiet my life and not worry about running toward safety and more running toward the cross.

The last thing I want to talk about is something I saw a long time ago in Experiencing God – God’s Will “for my life.”  It’s not the point!!! God wants me to be concerned with His will. period.  It’s about walking with Him daily. “God cares more about our response to His Spirit’s leading today, in this moment, then what we intend to do next year.” (120) It’s so easy to get caught up in what God is going to do than what He’s doing right now!  

FG really made me stop and think and ask this one super important question – Am I letting the Holy Spirit do anything in my life and if so, what?  After you read it, I believe you will be asking the same questions and will end up at the same place I am right now – desperately wanting to remember daily the Forgotten God.

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