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What JD could learn from Slater

It It was 1993 and hopes were high.  For many of us in our preteens, we had seen the end of an era and the dawn of a new one.  The show that impacted our lives more than any other, Saved By The Bell, had just ended. The gang (and if you are keeping score that would be Zack, Slater, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, and Screech) had graduated and would finally be out of Mr. B’s ever receding hair.  But luckily not only did we have syndication to fall back on, but NBC had fulfilled many of our hopes and dreams and would follow the gang (albeit partially) to the ever popular CalU.  Now we could watch them live, learn, grow, and have fun in an entirely new environment that would be nothing like good ole Bayside High.  But  hold one minute.  Not only would we get to follow our heroes, role models, and friends to college, but we get to meet an all new group of students at BHS who would keep us involved with Belding until his son (also named Zack) met the 9th grade.  

But as we all know, the college years tanked (probably because SBTB was never intended for prime time), Screech some how made it back to Bayside to work/intern and the New class, fizzled out a few years later.  Apparently, using old plot lines with new characters really doesn’t work.  Sadly, Saved By The Bell came to an end… and not when it was on top.

Why this dribble about  preteen soapcoms (yes, it did just combine  a sitcom and soap opera to describe one of the best shows ever, get over it!)?  Actually it has nothing to do with SBTB.  Many of us have grown fond of Scrubs.  We have followed it through 8 seasons (or partial seasons), laughed at many of the jokes, can sing along with the entire Scrubs The Musical episode, bounce with it from one national tv station to another, watched comedy central (one of the only reasons),  and saw the series end… come back, end again… and come back again!  But maybe the Scrubs folks should take a page right out of the Bayside manual.  I’ll continue to watch Scrubs, but with each new episode I think the same thing. We are watching the last season.  So here’s to you Scrubs. Thanks for making me laugh so many times. And thanks for giving me reason to remember those laughs when I’m not laughing at the new episode.  Maybe you really cant go home again.  Unless you’re Screech, but that’s another post.

A Return

I remember when I was younger. I grew up an Alabama fan. Both my parents graduated from Bama. I grew up with stories of Bears, Championships, goal-line stands, etc etc etc.  Then it happened. I went through my rebellious stage and around the 2nd grade I became a traitor.  I was (gasp) an Auburn fan. Now my best friends  were Auburn fans, mind you, and that’s what led to my family back turning.  However, a few years passed and I was a Bama fan again.  I guess blood is thinker than water… but Bama is the Tide, so maybe water is thicker than water!

Why did I write such gibberish? Well, I played around with Tumblr for the past few months.  I really thought that all the cool stuff it did would suit my tastes better.  But I soon grew tired of the tumblr experience (which seemed like a facebook/myspace/twitter/blog with way too many pictures), and came back to the reliable wordpress blog.  So thanks to all of you who tolerated the switch and didn’t give me grief about it.  I promise this wont happen again.  I hope we can start the friendship back all over again.  Thanks