We’re only 5 years away!

Now that 2010 has begun, here are a few questions I have.   These are things that production probably needs to pick up on, there’s only 5 more years left?

1.  When will the hover board be invented/become popular?

2. How much longer must we wait for freeze dried pizza from Pizza Hut?

3. Will the Florida Marlins become more localized (change from Florida to Miami), change their mascot to a gator, switch to the American League, and get back to the world series in 5 years?

4. Uh, my car’s not flying yet?  And why’s that?

5.  When will Nike come out with a somewhat retro-looking high top that automatically fits snug on your feet?

So thank you, seer of the future Robert Zemeckis. Cant wait for this to come true

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