Will the radio be silent?

I will admit that I love to listen to sports talk radio. Every day, i hear Finebaum talk on my way home from work.  Occasionally I will listen to Colin Cowherd, and rarely, but a few times per month, I will check out Mike and Mike (I’m not much of an NFL, Notre Dame, or Yankees fan, which is what dominates the conversation there).  We have a local sports talk station here in Florence, which is affiliated with ESPN radio, so I get a lot of good stuff.  Here in Alabama, only one thing has dominated the airwaves of sports fans… the BCS National Championship game.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night. It should be a good game and, although I hope Bama takes the trophy, am not overly optimistic that they will.  I would say I am cautiously hopeful.  I’m that guy that gives the odds at 55%/45%.  But one thing I am 100% sure on is this.  Sports radio will not be the same after tomorrow night.  I am listening for bird chirps, coughs, and alot of throat clearing to be going on this weekend. Here are some things that you guys could talk about to fill the gap. so to speak.

– NBA: talk about the whole Gilbert Arenas gun thing.  (But please make sure to mention that he’s related to Javier Arenas, cornerback of the Tide)

– NHL: The St. Louis Blues are off to a very mediocre year this year.  (One team with a color-esque mascot is the Alabama Crimson Tide, who is playing in the National Championship Game., by the way)

College B Ball – First year head coach,, Anthony Grant is in his year one of rebuilding the Bama basketball team, if he follows in the footsteps of  his gridiron counterpart, NC implications next year.

– Auburn’s basketball team is mediocre as well. Translation  – basketball will ALWAYS be second rate sport in the state of Alabama.

– Kentucky off to a great start.  I guess spending a lot of money on a head coach really is worth it.  (see bama: Nick Saban)

– MLB: Braves are making mind-numbingly middle of the pack moves that will hopefully work out okay.  (if you need a laugh, read comments made on http://www.braves.com. It doesn’t matter what story you pick, they are always funny… oh and FIRE FRANK WREN!!!)

– This just in, Yankees spend 17 trillion on whoever they want

Now that that is over, what will the radio guys do with the rest of their time on the air? Hopefully they will talk about how Bama looked unbeatable in the NC game.  RTR

  1. Maybe you could call in and promote your Taco Bell Choco Taco campaign? If you work it just right, maybe next year they will rename the Shreveport Bowl the Choco Taco Bowl. Sure you’re a middle of the pack SEC team, but at least you’re gonna be comped with delicious ice cream fashioned like a popular Mexican dish. If we could some how combine the Chik-fil-a Bowl and the Choco Taco Bowl it would be the tastiest bowl game in college football.

    The only draw back I see is that it would probably help recruiting at Georgia, Auburn, and various other mediocre SEC football programs. Coach Chizik after stepping out of his white limo: “You can finish 1 game over .500 AND enjoy a delectable array of taco shaped frozen goodness!”

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