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what to do with all these cheese balls

I have a massive jug of cheese balls in my office. I bought them for a competition we were going to do during our Disciple Now, but we never did it. So now I’m stuck with a 35 oz jug of cheese balls. Some of you might be saying, Wow, that’s incredible.  But here’s the problem, I really dont care too much for cheese balls. Now if they were animal crackers, I would be all about it, but not cheese balls. So I’ve determined to try to find something for them to go to.  Maybe a civic organization.  Does anyone know if the Civitans like cheese balls?  Maybe I will give them to someone less fortunate –  someone with just a box of cheese balls.  I strangely remember Cartman liking them, didn’t he do a whole song about it one time? But, sadly, these are not cartoon cheese balls, therefore I cannot send them to him.

So does anybody have a good idea what I can do with this huge jug of cheese balls? All suggestions will be appreciated.  Just leave your recommendation as a comment. Thanks

Making My Blog Count

Scott, I care too!

finally one I’m happy with

I’ve played around with tons of layouts for this blog over the past week.  I finally got one that’ I’m happy with. I think I’ll keep it

what do you think?

Celebrate Mistakes (redux)

 love the band Number One Gun. I remember several years ago when I first heard them and immediately went and got their CD Celebrate Mistakes. In the title track, there’s a lyric that states “

Could it be so bad (to follow all these dreams) I have (and use them for Your glory).

I remember having conversations with my good friend and fellow #1G fan, Matt Evans, about this very line on a ride home from school one night. We talked about taking your passions and using that to glorify God. As I sit here in my office and listen to that line is sparks a desire to make my passions count. I think God is much more pleased in us when glorify Him, when he is  a priority seen in our lives, via who we really are. Far too many times in the church, we feel that we have to fit a mold that others have made.  I have heard “he may be the next Billy Graham” from many pastors and others (not about myself mind you, but I’ve heard that used in descriptions of others).  Billy Graham is a great man of God who’s influence on America  for the sake of the gospel may never be duplicated; however, I don’t think God wants anyone else to be “the next Billy Graham.” God wants me to be a man who follows after Him completely and uses my passions for His glory.  

I guess the point in all my ramblings is to say, just be yourself. I will just be myself.  If not, then we are failing in keeping His commands – “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”- Col. 3:17

she’s entered the blogosphere

You should check out my wife’s blog – 

She’s pretty crafty, and that’s what it’s mainly going to be about – all her projects. I’m sure she will mention her craft room.  Yeah, I set that up.  I know, I know, you’re thinking, “man, what a husband and incredible guy you are. Brandon, you are one outstanding human being” 

Thanks for thinking that. I really appreciate it, but I take no credit for her awesomeness. Check it out!

Oh and highland park people, I’m starting a new blog for all of us to be apart of. It’s going to be a place where we just share what God is doing in our lives. It’s called more info coming soon!