what to do with all these cheese balls

I have a massive jug of cheese balls in my office. I bought them for a competition we were going to do during our Disciple Now, but we never did it. So now I’m stuck with a 35 oz jug of cheese balls. Some of you might be saying, Wow, that’s incredible.  But here’s the problem, I really dont care too much for cheese balls. Now if they were animal crackers, I would be all about it, but not cheese balls. So I’ve determined to try to find something for them to go to.  Maybe a civic organization.  Does anyone know if the Civitans like cheese balls?  Maybe I will give them to someone less fortunate –  someone with just a box of cheese balls.  I strangely remember Cartman liking them, didn’t he do a whole song about it one time? But, sadly, these are not cartoon cheese balls, therefore I cannot send them to him.

So does anybody have a good idea what I can do with this huge jug of cheese balls? All suggestions will be appreciated.  Just leave your recommendation as a comment. Thanks

    • Brian
    • March 31st, 2010

    Too bad you can’t shoot those things out of a paintball gun. Now that would be fun!!

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