I’m not Bill Hybels

I just finished reading Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels.  It was a really good book and has challenged me in many of my leadership areas. However, one thing is for sure – I am not Bill Hybles.

As I read his strategy and procedures for ministry, life, staff, etc, it was easy to see that God has not gifted me in the same ways as he has Bill. And that’s perfectly ok!  I’m fine with that.  I have been on a journey over the past few months to refine my leadership style and become exactly who God want me to be. With the help of other pastors/authors and friends, this is slowly happening. Most of the books I have read have pushed me to become more of who God wants me to be.  This happened some in CL, but mostly, I just got the feeling that I was reading it for the read and not necessarily for anything else. I was able to pull some good stuff out of there, but as a whole, I’ve read many more things that have been beneficial to me as a leader since January.  God bless Bill and the WCA, I admire him, but I dont want to become him.  I just want to be the leader God designed me to be.

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