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Youth Ministry Videos, Part 3

And this, my friends, is why I tend to shy away from lockins…

Youth Ministry Videos, Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed Youth MiniSTARS.  Today’s video is one of my absolute favorite videos (just ask any student that has been in my student ministry).  I have shown this video everywhere I’ve been.  And don’t worry Super Summer Alabama, next week, it will show up – I promise you!  J Reezy, (aka Jake Rutenbar) is a lyrical genius and will be a frequent face in this youth ministry music video series. Enjoy

Youth Ministry tip: this is a great video to show before camps, retreats, etc. Especially if you are going to stay in a fly hotel.

Youth Ministry Videos, pt 1

A college student who works with our student ministry sent me a video called Youth MiniSTARS. It’s great and a little scary (it’s like he’s reading my mail). Anyway, it got me to thinking about all the great youth ministry videos I’ve seen over the past 8 years of youth work.  I have decided to share it with my blogosphere…

The first one is the video she sent me

no explanation needed. Stay tuned for more each day

Jesus Manifesto: Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola

Wow, what a refreshing book.  For an in depth, incredible, complete book review of this book, check out my friend, Kyle Gilbert’s review. However, I’m going to do something a little different than my normal reviews.

Here are my reasons not to read this book:

Don’t read this book if:

–       you enjoy the status quo Christianity

–       you want to come to church and feel good about yourself

–       the name Jesus = warm fuzzy feelings

–       you gauge your spirituality purely on what you are doing

–       you love cute, well packaged messages more than anything

–       “you” and “I” litter your faith talk

–       your faith is based more on what’s in it for you than anything else

–       you follow Christianity more that Christ

–       you would rather sit with the people you always sit with than go to those who need you more

–       you aren’t willing to see Christ for who He really is.

So there you have it. Enjoy this book and drink deeply from Jesus.