I read Romans 3:21-31 this morning.  To be honest, I really was ready for Romans 3:21-31.  I started reading Romans bit by bit to write a devotional for my students, but as I began, God really let me know that it was for me first… that I can write it after I get all I can out of it. Well, the tension was building.  I tried to read it as if I had never seen the words or heard a sermon preached from it before. That makes it interesting. As I searched through the first 2 and 1/2 chapters, my morale was down.  Then 3:21-31 came.  I was excited. I was pumped! All the problems that I was having, all the ways I was trying to make it on my own (thanks lil brudder), now I don’t have too.

It’s really hard to read something as if you’ve never seen it when you have studied it, had seminary classes on it, and heard a ton of sermons on it.  However, I will defy you to read the first 3 chapters of Romans, get to 3:21-31, and not try to find out more.  It is simply beautiful scriptures filled with HOPE.

My advice: read it. Let it soak in.  Let it fill you with hope .

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