maybe the right balance

There’s a lot of programming to be done.  It seems like everywhere one turns, something else needs to be booked, planned, covered, and implemented.  One more event, one more idealistic scavenger hunt, one more thought provoking lesson and all will be well. If too much is scheduled, you may be labeled a “fun”damentalist (feel free to make fun of that word or me for using it now).  If too little is done, the dreaded “lazy” tag may find you.  Neither one is a label I want to be tagged in one of my profile pics. So where’s the balance?

Somewhere in between the land of Christian hipsters and 1990’s youth ministry lies the answer. Our schedules are not completely filled to the brim, but aren’t empty either. Whatever is done is done with excellence.  Events are priorities and not just stuff to do.  Hanging out with others becomes more purposeful.  More meaningful.  Relationships are built in real life and when a big event rolls around, there’s a lot of excitement and involvement because the prayer, time, and effort that is included is evident.  What is taught at church actually is put into practice outside of the walls.  We love God and love others more than ever before.

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