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Black Friday Warning

The high today is 72. Tomorrow it is 70.  Friday, it will reach  a balmy 50 degrees!  Break out your tank tops, bermuda shorts, Umbros, and surfer gear… for a day only. 

This is only a post to remind you to dress warmly when you go out crazy early to shop on Friday morning.  If you aren’t planning on getting up super early, then you should.  The Iron Bowl starts at 1:30 CST and  you dont want to miss that.  I would suggest leaving for Black Friday deals at 2:00 pm on Thanksgiving day. And please dress warm – it’s hard to shop and cheer for your favorite college football team when your fingers have fallen off from frostbite.  And finally, dont forget your wallet and cell phone, lest you blow out a tire.

Taco Bell in the Shell

Several months ago,  I sent an email to Taco Bell to ask if they would please bring the chaco taco back into their restaurant rotation.  I even tried to garner help from everyone here too. I never heard anything back. They did not reply. Maybe my email got lost in the shuffle. Maybe it was filtered out. Maybe they only take emails from more important people than myself.  No matter, I got nothing from them.

However, Taco Bell, I dont need you anymore.  If I ever want a chaco taco, I will just go get one at the Shell by the church.  So there.  I guess I wont be needing you anymore… except for great fast food at low prices