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Black Friday Warning

The high today is 72. Tomorrow it is 70.  Friday, it will reach  a balmy 50 degrees!  Break out your tank tops, bermuda shorts, Umbros, and surfer gear… for a day only. 

This is only a post to remind you to dress warmly when you go out crazy early to shop on Friday morning.  If you aren’t planning on getting up super early, then you should.  The Iron Bowl starts at 1:30 CST and  you dont want to miss that.  I would suggest leaving for Black Friday deals at 2:00 pm on Thanksgiving day. And please dress warm – it’s hard to shop and cheer for your favorite college football team when your fingers have fallen off from frostbite.  And finally, dont forget your wallet and cell phone, lest you blow out a tire.

Does this line up?

I am taking an online training course from So far, I’ve enjoyed the weekly reading. I am excited about the phone sessions that will come with it.  I ran across a quote this morning in my reading that I thought I would share.

A study which surveyed youth pastors in Illinois found that almost all of them believe building relationships with students is the best thing they could do to disciple students, and that teens forget most of what they hear during lessons and messages. Yet an average of 80% of their time was spent preparing weekly lessons. Does that line up?
So, does it? Any thoughts?