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So I just read a book loaned to me by our music minister called the Prodigal God by Timothy Keller. It was an incredible book that made me look at the 3 characters in the story known as the Prodigal  Son in the story in a whole new way.  Then this morning as I sat down to have some Time Alone with God (I call it TAG time, I know that’s cheesy, but I’m a cheesy guy) and I it was my day to read about when Jesus called Simon, Andrew, James, John (the thunder boys), and Matthew to be his disciples.  [By the way, I’m following a 30 day plan I got from Elevation Church’s New Thru 30 – you should check it out]

For 4 of these men, Jesus did a sign, helped them catch a ton of fish, for them to believe. They saw that he must have been sent from God and so they followed him. For Matthew, all it took was a phrase.  Jesus said follow me and he did.

But as I read the last few verses about Matthew, I was quickly reminded about the book I just finished reading.  The Pharisees started on Jesus’ case because he was eating with what they would call “sinners.” Jesus tells them that he’s come for the sick, not the well.  Then he says something interesting- “I desire mercy, and not sacrifice” (M@ 9:13).

I guess I write all this to say, if you are like the younger brother in the story, don’t ever think that you are too far away from the love of God.  If you are an older brother, or Pharisee, don’t think that you are good enough on your own to make God love you.  We are all sick.  We need a healer.

If we ban together, it can happen

Guys, as we speak, i am drafting a letter to Taco Bell. The contents of this letter could be earth shattering.

Who among us doesn’t love ice cream?  And I wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that Taco Bell is the best fast food restaurant around (not to mention that they have no creepy, face-painting, big shoed, red-froed, too tall spokesperson).  Think of all the joy that TB (that’s Taco Bell, in case you were wondering) has brought you, not only with their delicious array of food, but with their slogans, commercials, mascots,etc. Who among us doesn’t remember the little chihuahua with the most famous Spanish phrase sense “Aye ca rumba.”  Or what about when TB emphasized not only eating great, but physical health when they encouraged us to RUN FOR THE BORDER! There’s no walking, burn those calories!  I mean TB created an entirely new category of eating, a new time to eat (fourth meal).  In all their incredible-ness, there is one  area that has fallen.  One small item overlooked. The Chaco Taco.  Yes, many of us will remember how incredible that the Chaco Taco was. In the words of my good friend, Scott Moore, who wouldn’t want a “delectable array of taco shaped frozen goodness”

So I urge you America, to join with me as we unite to see the dream of bringing back the Chaco Taco become a reality.

God bless America